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Paper Mario Sticker Star Guide: Megasparkle Goomba Boss Guide

Sticker Star Guide

The last boss for World 1 in Paper Mario sticker Star is Megasparkle. He is the king of the Goombas and he has one of the Royal Stickers. This guide will help you beat him when you face him next! Let’s get started.

Megasparkle guide

Sticker Star Boss

Remember if you get below 10hp don’t risk it just use a mushroom. All of his attacks can be blocked just hit the A button right before the attack connects with you do reduce the damage.Right at the start of the fight you get a chance to get more attacks per turn. I’d use the special so you at least get two.He will start off with a bunch of Goombas surrounding him. Use some high damage normal or shiny stickers. I used two shiny Hopslippers and took 20 of his hp on the first turn. Once you take 10 hp away he will change form into a giant Goomba.After he attacked me he switched to a pointy top so I couldn’t jump on him anymore. Once you can do a spin again unless you got three before. Be sure not to get the poison mushroom because I did and you get poisoned for a few turns. Anyways use some stickers on him to inflict a little bit of damage. He is pretty strong in this mode but after you do some damage he will flip around and you will see a bunch of small Goombas. He will hurl 3 attacks at you. You can block all of them but you still get hit for around 6 damage.

At this point use one of the big stickers like scissors or the faucet to do some big damage and make them break up.Once they are a bunch of small Goombas again you want to use the strong stickers. Hopefully you can inflict enough damage to kill all the small ones off. If not you will have to do enough damage to the big one to fight the king one on one.Once you bring them down to 0 the little minions will basically say no we are done and walk off. Then you have to beat the king in order to win. He has one hp and when he attacked me he actually poisoned himself and when the turn was over he died from it. I didn’t even attack him.After that grab the Royal Sticker and move on.That will end the Paper Mario Sticker Star Megasparkle Goomba Boss Guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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