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PayDay 2 Guide: Complete Mask & Materials Guide (Full Images)

PayDay 2 Guide: Complete Mask & Materials Guide (Full Images)
This Payday 2 Complete Mask guide lists all of the available masks in the game, complete with images, as well as images relating to the various materials that can be used for each of the masks. There are a total of 42 masks in PayDay 2, all of which are featured below, and most can be unlocked with the Card Drop system. At the end of each pay day players are able to select a card that provides a random reward, the gallery below displays all of the masks that can be obtained in the game.

Please note, there are obviously spoilers below. Also be warned, once edit a mask you lose the ability to edit it further or use the basic mask. So make sure you’re certain before customizing any of the drops as some are far harder to loot than others.
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PayDay 2 Guide: Complete Mask & Materials Guide

PayDay 2 Mask And Materials Guide

The Steam community also came together to provide a detailed listing of all the available materials in the game. So if you’re looking to create that perfect mask, you’re going to want to be sure you get the right materials. The image above is the mask used to showcase the different materials below
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Materials Still Needed:

If you come across either of these materials and you have the Skull Mask, please be sure to drop a link on the Steam guide page.

This guide would not have been possible without the heroic contributions from the Steam community. The content featured above was taken from the popular Steam guide written by Coooookie and HoX, with permissions. A huge thanks to both authors for their hard work and an extended thank you to all the contributors listed below:

Contributors (User – Mask)
Tomato – The Starved
Somebody – The Brainiac
Just for Laughs – Horned Beast, The Hog
OÐINN – The Rage, Monkey Business, Calaca,The Troll, The Zipper
=MJF= pSycHoDaD – Anonymous, Dillenger Death Mask
Kvernberg – Hockey Mask, The Zombie, Dillenger Death Mask
Dues Ex Machina. – The Jaw
Vermillion [Brotagonist] – The Crybaby
James Bondage + |FP| Shrek, The Ogrelord. + Dubbs – The Grin
H.H Murdock – Cthulhu
dmb152 – Chains, Chains Begins, Dallas, Dallas Begins, Hoxton (GG mate, GG.)

Contributors (User – Mask)
Astar – Alligator Skin
DS_Coneship Viking – Inferno, Blue Water, Oak
MEATfast – Titanium
UltimateFishage – Carbon Fiber, Crackled, Glossy Grey, Matte Black, Snake Scales
TitanX4, Polifam – Denim
Buick – Rainbow
Ajewni – Gold
SWWinchester – Bronze

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