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Percival Rackhams Trial Guide In Hogwarts Legacy

One of the first big trial’s you come across in the game is for Percival Rackham. Check out this Percival Rackhams Trial Guide In Hogwarts Legacy guide to get it done quickly. This way you can move on with the game and learn some new magic.

Percival Rackhams Trial Guide In Hogwarts Legacy

This video will help.

The first two parts are easy to we will start at the bridge part.

Go through the portal on the blue side so that the bridge in the room disappears. With the bridge gone you need to pull the floating platform to the other side, past where the bridge is. One it is past the bridge, go back through the arch way so you can get on top of the bridge. Use the platform to cross to the other side. There is a fight after this as well

The next puzzle part has two platforms and an archway in the middle. Jump onto the first platform and pull yourself towards the portal. On the other side you will see another floating platform. Pull it to you and get as close as you can. You want to jump from your platform, through the archway, onto the other platform. Then you can use that to get to the end of the dungeon.

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