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Persona 5 Strikers Bond Unlock Guide

Persona 5 Strikers Bond Unlock Guide
Bond abilities help strengthen your party in Persona 5 Strikers. This Persona 5 Strikers Bond Unlock Guide will tell you how to unlock all of the secret hidden Bond powers that we’ve discovered as we’ve explored through the game.

After you finish the tutorial segment of the game, you’re introduced to many of Persona 5 Striker’s unique combat features. One such feature is Bond abilities. These are special abilities, mostly passive, that can help improve the power of you and your allies. Many of them are unlocked by default but others are hidden. In order to unlock the hidden Bond abilities, you must complete certain actions or feats.

Persona 5 Strikers Bond Unlock Guide

If you open the Bond menu from the main menu in-game, you will see five different rows of bond abilities. We’ve highlighted each Bond ability, as well as how to unlock them, in a detailed list below of all the bonds.

Row One (Unlocked by default)

  • HP Boost – Boosts HP.
  • SP Boost – Boosts SP.
  • Strength Boost – Boosts Strength.
  • Magic Boost – Boosts Magic Attack.
  • Endurance Boost – Boosts Defense.
  • Agility Boost – Boosts Criticals and auto evades
  • Luck Boost – Boosts crit evasion and ailment rates

Row Two

  • Pass Appeal – Increases Showtime gauge after a baton pass
  • Harisen Helper – Chance to trigger Harisen Recovery ability
  • Oracle Recovery – Restore HP and SP to party members after each battle
  • Martial Arts – Increases Persona physical damage. Unlocked via story progress, before you enter the second jail.
  • Spiritual Arts – Increases Persona magical damage. Unlocked via story progress, before you enter the second jail.
  • Tactical Arts – Increases Persona chance to inflict status ailments. Unlocked via story progress, before you enter the second jail.
  • Supportive Arts – Increases duration for all Persona buffs and debuffs. Unlocked via story progress, before you enter the second jail.

Row Three

  • Joker’s Wild – Increases chances for masks to drop. To increase the level cap, complete Prison Mail Part 4 Request.
  • Ambusher – Restores HP to party after ambush. Ambush an enemy to unlock
  • Phantom Striker – Increases phantom dash damage. Unlocked after you defeat the final boss of the first jail (Bond Level 10).
  • Avenger – Chance to counterattack when evading. It either unlocks after X amount of perfect evades or around level 21 Bond.
  • Ammo Hoarder – Increases ammo for gun party members. Unlocks at Bond Rank 25.
  • Proper Showman – Increases showtime attack damage. Reach Bond Level 32 to unlock.
  • Locked

Row Four (Unlocked by default)

  • Smart Shopper – Reduced prices at Sophia’s Shop
  • Metaverse Medic – Increases effects of healing items
  • Bondmaker – Increases Bond level faster. Level cap is unlocked by completing Trapped in a Frozen Hell request.
  • Highwayman – Increases item drop rate
  • Extortionist – Increases money drop rate. Complete Request Junk Collection Part 2 to increase level cap

Row Five

  • Safecracker – Allows difficult chests to be opened. Unlocked in the story when you reach Maruku City. Level cap is unlocked by completing Painful Past: Ango Natsume Request. The final level cap is unlocked by complete A Thief’s Challenge: Sophie Request.
  • Master Chef – Allows you to cook food. Unlocked through story progress, when you arrive at the second city.
  • Treasure Hunter – Increases chance to discover Treasure Demons. Unlocked through story progression.
  • Pack Rat – Junk items become easier to obtain. Unlocked at Bond level 20.

We will continue to update this Persona 5 Strikers Bond Unlock Guide as we progress through the game.

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