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Persona 5 Strikers Request Guide

Persona 5 Strikers Request Guide
Requests are like side quests in Persona 5 Strikers, offering valuable rewards and items. This Persona 5 Strikers Request Guide breaks down each Request, providing information on helping you track down special items, certain Persona’s, or completing specific objectives.

Once you reach a certain part of the story in Persona 5 Strikers, you will unlock Requests. These are special optional objectives that take place in both the real world and the various jails. They can be unlocked in various ways. Sometimes you will simply get a Request sent to your HQ, other times they are unlocked by speaking with your allies and other characters in the real world. Below is a list of all the Requests we’ve discovered so far including details on how to unlock them and how to complete the objectives.

A lot of the requests are repeat mechanics, with different targets. As such, it’s a good idea to take some basic tips in with you.

  • For the Junk quests, unlock the Packrat Bond for much faster completion
  • For weakness quests, target an enemy with Jokers vision to analyze their weakness and use it to kill them
  • Fusion requests require a specific Persona with a specific ability.
  • Buy lots of everything. When you reach new towns, be sure to buy all ingredients and unique resources to save time on later Requests

Persona 5 Strikers Request Guide

Sendai Sweets (Zunda Sweets)
Prison Mail, Part 1 (Archangel With Amrita Drop)
Lending A Paw (Zunda Supreme)
Cold-Blooded Treatment
Gusts Of Punishment
Painful Past: Alice Hiiragi
Trapped In Wonderland
Junk Collection Part 1
Sophias Weapon Shop
Sophias Armor Shop
Painful Past: Ango Natsume
Prison Mail, Part 2 (Eligor with Divine Grace)
Enduring A Slimy Hell
Sub-Zero In Sapporo
Junk Collection, Part 2
Trapped In A Nightmare
Blessing The Wicked
Osychokinetic Siege
Bug Blaster
Cursing Those On High
Nuking The Stars
Prison Mail, Part 3 (Kaiwan with Makouga)
Love Soupreme
The Apothecarys Connection
Beachside Blast
Trapped In A Frozen Hell
Prison Mail, Part 4
Painful Past: Mariko Hyodo
Junk Collection Part 3
Okinawan Art Appreciation
Trapped In Ruins
Shocking The Scum
Elegant Experiment
Junk Collection Part 4
Prison Mail Part 5
Cooking Papa
Obanzai Ingredients
Forging The Ultimate Menu
An Ebon God Descends
A Thiefs Challenge: Panther
Sophias Armor Shop Redux
Sophias Weapon Shop Redux
Junk Collection Part 5
A Thiefs Challenge: Fox
A Thiefs Challenge: Wolf
Prison Mail, Part 6
Trapped In Shrine Gates
Junk Collection Part 6
A Thiefs Challenge: Fox
A Thiefs Challenge: Noir
A Thiefs Challenge: Skull
The Hound Of Hades Howls
A Thiefs Challenge: Queen
A Thiefs Challenge: Sophie
Elegant Experiement Extended
Make Way For The Frozen King
Employee Course Correction
Junk Collection Part 7
A Thiefs Challenge: Wolf Part 2
Painful Past: Akira Konoe
Prison Mail Part 7
Trapped In A Dystopia

We will be updating this Persona 5 Strikers Request Guide as we discover and complete more Requests.

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