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Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator Tips And Tricks Guide

Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator Tips And Tricks Guide

Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator has a few hidden mechanics that most users might not be aware of. While most of the core mechanics are explained, there are a few secret ways to gain extra viewers in the game. Check out this Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator Tips And Tricks Guide to get all the info you need!

Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator Tips And Tricks

Click The Eagle – Every now and then there will be an eagle that flies over with a package on it. If you click that eagle you can click the box and get some free extra viewers. You can even play an ad to triple the amount of viewers sometimes if you want.

Puggle – You should play Puggle a couple of times to reduce shipping times but don’t over do it. Typically if you play Puggle while a video is being created you can make more viewers than you spend on the Puggle game. AS you level up Puggle will become more expensive so be sure to watch how much you are spending to play.

Save Bux For Expansion – You can quickly run out of room placing different items in this game. When you level and do quests you will gain Bux without having to actually spend real cash. Save those Bux Up to add more space to your room by hitting the + on the floor. Faster shipping is alright on the super long items, but if you run out of space you won’t be able to place all the items down anyways.

Use Brains On View Boost – This is something simple. You get more views by leveling up View Boost, but that’s not the only reason you want to do it. The second part of the tree has a second editing bay so you can create multiple videos at once. The more videos you make, the more viewers you get, basic math right there. There is also the second shipment upgrade down there as well so you can have two items ship to you at once.

Trending – So this is obvious right? You want to make the videos that have Trending stats on them. If you can get lucky and do a video with two trending stats on them even better. If you don’t have the option for one of those, make the shortest video you can so you can get a new batch quickly. Try to get items for Trending videos first before upgrading other areas.

Leveling Up Your Video Stats Gets You Brains – Buying items is the best way to get your video stats up. Each time you get a new level in a video stat you will get more Brains and Bux. I try to keep mine varied so when new trending videos come up I can get more views from them as well. This will also net your avatar more experience as well making new items pop up. The more expensive the item, the longer it takes to ship and the more EXP it will give overall.

Boosts – View Boosts will refresh after an hour to feel free to use them as they come up. Yeah it would be great to save it for a double whammy trending video but you might be waiting hours for that. Just use them when you have them so you can use them more often. The shipping one on the other hand, that refreshes every 12 hours so you might want to be more picky with that one. Maybe up around level 4-5 when items take forever to get dropped off.

Streaming – Streaming has a limit to how long it can run while you are away and it is 60 minutes. So if you go to sleep it will top out at 60 minutes. I put 10 points into streaming and when I woke up it said I streamed for 60 minutes and got 3000 views for it. I don’t think you should max it out unless you have a ton of extra brains. I think pointing those brains into specific video stats is a better idea in the long run. I do think you should get one in streaming so when you are away you get a few bonus views. You can get subs and extend the viewing length later when you have more subs but until then I wouldn’t invest to much in streaming.

Do Your Quests – This should be pretty basic to everyone. You get Bux, brains, views and subs from doing quests so do them! Play the ad to get the extra quest and all that. The brains start coming slow later in the game so you need everyone you can get!

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