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Picnic Meal Power Effects Guide For Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The benefits you get from eating sandwiches are huge. This Picnic Meal Effects Guide For Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will tell you what each of the different Meal Powers effects do as using these can make a huge difference when you are trying to catch or find certain Pokemon.

Honestly, do not underestimate the bonuses that Meal Power effects provide. As an example, I was searching for a Fire Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet for over 45 minutes. I knew it would spawn with other Tauros but that’s all I knew. I found nothing. I went and ate a meal with Encounter Power Fire Level 1, and then discovered a Fire Tauros in 30 seconds. Likewise with eggs. I found an ultra-fast egg method thanks to using Meal Power effects. Use them, they are worth every penny.

Picnic Meal Power Effects Guide For Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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The Meal Power effects change depending on the meal you eat but there are two consistencies. The type of Pokemon and the level. For example, if you get Encounter Power Fire: Level 1, you have a slightly increased chance of encountering wild Pokemon of the Fire-type. Whereas a Level 2 version has the same effect, just greater.

Egg Power: Increases your chances of finding eggs when checking your picnic basket during a picnic
Catching Power: Increases your chances of catching specific types of Pokemon. Huge help for legendaries
Exp. Point Power: More experience points are earned for this type of Pokemon
Item Drop Power: When defeating wild Pokemon, more materials are dropped each fight
Raid Power: More rewards for completing Tera Raids against Pokemon of this type
Title Power: More likely to find Pokemon with titles when catching Pokemon in the wild
Sparkling Power: More likely to encounter shiny Pokemon
Humungo Power: More likely to encounter large-size Pokemon
Teensy Power: More likely to encounter small-size Pokemon
Encounter Power: More likely to encounter Pokemon of this type

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