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Pikmin 3 Guide – Quaggled Mireclops Boss Guide

quaggle mireclops boss guide
The Quaggle Mireclops is by far the most deadliest boss you will meet up until that point in the game. The Mireclops has deadly stomping feet and a poisonous tongue. Use this Quaggle Mireclops Boss Guide to help guide you through taking down this monsterous creature and collect all of the stolen juice from Louie.

Quaggle Mireclops Boss Guide

For this fight you will need 10-20 Rock Pikmin and then the rest Blue Pikmin. You could risk bringing some Red Pikmin, as they are better fighters, but they might get stuck in the pockets of water that are riddling this boss battlefield. To start the boss fight, throw Rock Pikmin at the crystal and then be ready for a fight.

The feet are the weakest part of the Quaggle Mireclops and the first place of attack. Throw Blue Pikmin at the fleshy parts on the bottom of the feet. The Mireclops will throw the Pikmin off every once in a while, so make sure to call them when you can. Eventually the Blue Pikmin will wear down the boss and it will fall to the ground. This is the key time to attack. At first you will have to destroy the rest of the crystal shell shielding the boss with Rock Pikmin. After that is done the true monster is revealed.

Quaggle Mireclops Battle 1
The part you need to throw Pikmin on and attack is the red fleshy bit. You will have to repeat the foot process a couple of times to keep knocking down the creature. Also try to stand away from the Red fleshy thing, or else it will jolt stunning all of the characters and Pikmin. Also, While you are up on the platform, look out for the giant poisonous tongue. The Mireclops will spin his tongue around the platform killing all Pikmin caught in it’s weight. To avoid this, whistle at any Pikmin close to the heart and run off of the platform.

When the Mireclops gets low on health it is important that you stay back from the tongue. The tongue will circle around its body twice once it gets below a quarter health so make sure to stay back for two full cycles. After repeating attacking the foot, and then attacking the red fleshy heart like thing in the center, the Mireclops will die revealing a fruit, Louie and the heart.

I hope that this guide helped you. If you have any other hints or questions, make sure to leave them in the comments below. Check back to Gamers Heroes for more hints, tips, guides and anything else video game related.

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