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Pikmin 3 Guide – Scornet Maestro Boss Guide

scornet maestro boss guide
The Scornet Maestro is the boss for the Twilight River area. This flying ace has a ton of little friends to help distract and kill off evading Pikmin. This Scornet Maestro Boss Guide will go over exactly what you should do to take down this Queen Bee and bring “Captain Olimar” back to the Drake.

Scornet Maestro Boss Guide

I recommend just bringing a full squad, everything you got, of Flying Pikmin. The Scornet can’t really hurt the flying Pikmin so they are the best option, even if they don’t hit very hard. That being said, focusing the attacks of the Flying Pikmin will bring the boss down sooner, rather than later.

The Scornet Maestro has a couple different attacks, but they are all surrounded around making the little Scornet bees attack the Pikmin. Focus the Flying Pikmin not on the Scornet Maestro itself, but the little scornet bees first. They will kill off the little bees quickly and then the Maestro will be left unguarded. Target the Scornet Maestro then with ZL and hit the dismiss button to make them all flock to the unprotected enemy.

After this happens, the Mestro will drop out of the sky. If you do have other colored Pikmin this would be the time to use them to attack. After a couple of seconds the Scornet Maestro will fly back up in the air and start the attacking.

The real key to this boss is just avoiding the little bees. Once you get that down, and if you have a lot of flying Pikmin, this boss should pretty much be a breeze. Take back all of the loot including another sleeping spaceman and you will have finished the Scornet Maestro boss fight! Make sure to grab the little Scornet Bees as they will sprout Pikmin seeds at the Onion. Thanks for reading and I hope that this guide helped.

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