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Pikmin 3 Guide – Tropical Wilds Boss Guide

The Tropical Wilds holds tons of treasure, juice and tons of enemies. The Sandbelching Meerslug is the boss for this area and holds a transmitter that opens up a new area. The Meerslug can be very dangerous if you are not careful but this guide will help avoid the pitfalls of this deadly creature. Hopefully this guide will help you avoid creepy Pikmin death.

Sandbelching Meerslug Boss Guide

For this boss it is good to have a lot of Red and Yellow Pikmin. Also, faster moving Pikmin with flowers on their head would be nice, because to defete the boss, a lot of movement is necessary. If you don’t have a full squad, and see something that looks like an old cell phone, turn around and grab more Pikmin. A squad of 100 is for sure recommended for this big bad sand worm.

The Tropical Wilds boss has two basic attacks. The first attack will suck in sand to create a pit for Pikmin and players to fall into. This attack can be mitigated by calling Pikmin if they fall into the hole, but once they are in there, you are bound to lose a few. The only way to avoid Pikmin death is to stay a good distance away from the creature when it is buried underneath the sand.

The second attack will be less devestating, but more annoying than the sucking in of the sand. The Meerslug will emerge from the sand, exposing it’s body and face to spit huge rocks at the Pikmin. The rocks will plant the Pikmin, but not kill them.

This second attack is the time where the Meerslug is most vulnerable. When the Meerslug emerges to spit rocks lock on to him with ZL. Use the B button, or the dismiss to make all of the Pikmin attack the enemy. The Meerslug will then be dug out of the sand and will be completly open to attack. Call all of the Pikmin that get knocked back from the emerging Meerslug and attack.

After doing this a couple of times, the Meerslug will start to make a spiral pattern in the sand. This will be a super duper suck-athon so head towards the entrance of the area to avoid a giant pit of death. Continue attacking the Meerslug after this sucking attack in the same way you have done before and you will kill it. This unlocks a new area, and a ton of juice from a broken up watermelon. Thanks for reading and I hope the guide helped!

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