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Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire Ship Management Guide

Pillars Of Eternity II Deadfire Ship Management Guide
Managing your ship and crew is a vital aspect of Pillars of Eternity II. This Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire Ship Management Guide will explain the various features and mechanics that come together to create a robust and rewarding activity as you plunder the high seas in your very own vessel.

Managing your crew is vital if you want to succeed on your seafaring ventures. There are multiple elements to ensuring your ship is maintained and your crew happy. While this may seem a little overwhelming at first, it’s actually pretty simple.

Ship Management Guide – Food & Water

Food & Water is usually in ample supply. You can find it scattered on islands around the world map, it’s often found in crates and barrels when exploring towns, and can be purchased at nearly every port as well as the Supplies menu. Food & Drink in your inventory does not count towards the Food & Drink available to your crew. For this you must drag and drop the Food and Drink you wish to use into the ships inventory.

Each day your crew will take supplies from your food and drink stores. The items are always consumed from left to right. As such, it’s best to put your low quality items at the right end of the scale. The basic ingredients that don’t impact morale or provide bonuses. You then place your better items at the far left side to ensure your crew’s morale is always high and the bonuses applied worthwhile.

Ship Management Guide – Crew & Reserves

Your crew is the most important aspect of Ship Management in Pillars of Eternity II. Each ship requires a minimum number of crew in order to leave the dock and the positions they fill greatly influence your ships abilities. Each crew member has skills in a number of areas, marked by small icons. You want to ensure that you always place a crew member in a location for which they are qualified. Check your assigned crew, if any of them have the “inexperienced” title, they lack the expertise to fill a role and will be detrimental to your efforts.

If you are docked at Neketaka you can drag members of your crew into the Known Sailors section. This stops you having to pay any of their daily fees and you can always put them back on board next time you dock.

You will also want to keep a keen eye on your crew for any potential injuries. If they become injured you need to place them in the recovery slots of your ship. Recoveries cost medical supplies but these can be reduced if you have a skilled surgeon on board.

Ship Management Guide – Equipment & Upgrades

You can customize and upgrade various aspects of your vessel. On the upper left and upper right corners of the Ship Management screen are coloring options for your hull and sails. Furthermore you can change flags and add new basic equipment on the right hand side. The real importance here are your cannons. When buying and equipping new cannons you need to ensure they work well as a unit. There is little point in placing two cannons on the port side with one having a maximum distance of 300m and another 600m. When possible buy two of the same cannons or at least try to make sure the cannons have very similar distance ratings.

That wraps up our Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire Ship Management Guide. If you need any further help, please post a comment below.

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