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How To Plant Seeds In My Time At Portia

How To Plant Seeds In My Time At Portia
Want to plant and harvest seeds? This guide will tell you How To Plant Seeds In My Time At Portia so you’re able to farm different materials and ingredients after cultivating your seeds come rain or shine. Farming is one of the more appealing elements of My Time at Portia so it’s no surprised people want to jump in as soon as possible. While it is available early in the game, there are a few different tasks you must follow first

Below is a general list of objectives you must complete before you’re able to plant seeds.

How To Plant Seeds In My Time At Portia

  • Progress through the game until you have the money to buy your first license into the Abandoned Ruins #1
  • Once inside the Ruins keep checking for the Relics until you find a Disk. This will give you a quest to go to the Church
  • Go to the Church to complete the quest. The priest will mention that you should speak with Emily
  • Head to the farm across the field from your Workshop and speak with Emily. She will give you a recipe for a Planter Box
  • Craft the Planter Box. Sow the Seeds, apply the Fertilizer and wait for 2 days
  • Your Crops will grow and you complete the quest
  • You can now continue to make Planter Boxes and farm whatever ingredients you can

That’s it for our How To Plant Seeds In My Time At Portia guide. If you have any questions, please post a comment below.

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