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How To Play & Form A Party With Friends In Dauntless

How To Play & Form Party With Friends In Dauntless
Dauntless Founder’s Alpha is finally here, and with it the co-op Behemoth slaying goodness. This guide will tell you How To Play & Form Party With Friends In Dauntless as currently the system is a little strange and makes it somewhat difficult.

If you try and use the in-game interface, opened with O, you can only invite people to your party that are currently in your instance. You may be lucky and find your friends there but the chances are very slim. What you need to do instead is invite them via the text interface.

Type /invite name to invite your friend to the party. Once inside a party start up any hunt. Once inside a hunt you can open the social menu with O and then go to recent. From there you can add your friends to your friends lists and easily invite them from then on.

Dauntless features a robust selection of different weapons including guns, or Repeaters. This guide will explain Where To Craft Repeaters In Dauntless as they are not crafted in the same location as all the other weapons in Dauntless
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