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Pokemon Go Spooky Cipher Field Research Guide

Accompanying the new Go Tour: Hoenn is a selection of unique Field Research Tasks called Spooky Ciphers. This Pokemon Go Spooky Cipher Field Research Guide lists all of the Spooky Cipher Field Research Tasks you can get, the answers to each of the cipher riddles, and what Pokemon you encounter for completing each Spooky Cipher.

We have so far discovered four different Spooky Cipher Field Research Tasks. Each one is similar. You have a Field Research Task that has some of the letters from the task missing, so you have to piece together the puzzle to learn what the objective is. We have listed all four below and will update if we discover more.

Pokemon Go Spooky Cipher Field Research Guide

Use 5 Berries To Help Catch Pokemon
A common Field Research Task that we solve all the time. Simply use 5 berries when trying to catch Pokemon to complete this task

Transfer 5 Pokemon
Another common task, all you have to do is send 5 Pokemon to the professor.

Evolve A Nincada
Nincada can be caught during the event so you shouldn’t have any trouble evolving one

Make 3 Great Curveball Throws In A Row
As the normal task requires, just make 3 Great Curveball throws in a row, without missing one.

Completing each task will guarantee an encounter with Duskull, Shuppet, Shedinja, and Sableye. None of these are involved in the event but if you happen to still have the Mysterious Masks 2/4 questline, it’s a nice boost.

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