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Pokemon Legends Arceus Adaman Or Irida Choice Guide

As you play through Pokemon Legend Arceus, you will run into a choice where you need to pick between Adaman and Irida. Check out this Pokemon Legends Arceus Or Irida choice guide to figure out who you should pick. This way you don’t have to wonder what would have happened if you picked the other person.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Adaman Or Irida Choice Guide

After you get exiled, you are going to have one of the clan leaders back you up. Truthfully, as you probably expected, the choice doesn’t matter that much. Either way the story plays out the same and you have to do the same thing.

Choose Irida
You and Irida will go check out the three lakes and get the items that you need. She doesn’t fight with you, but she helps you find what you need. After you visit all the lakes, she will head up the mountain and wait for you there. She meets you again when you take on the commander of team galatic.

Choose Adaman
He joins you on the adventure to the three lakes and then chases the Commander up the mountain ahead of you and your team. When you confront Kamado later Adaman has your back and fights your case.

So as you can see, the choice really does not matter. Go with who you want and keep on pushing through.

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