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Pokemon Legends Arceus Double The Tails Double The Fun Guide

One of the tougher side missions in Pokemon Legends Arceus is called Double The Tails Double The Fun. Check out this Pokemon Legends Acreus Double The Tails Double The Fun guide to get the Pokemon you need for the quest. This way you don’t have to waste as much time searching on your own.

Follow our Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide to complete all Requests as you get them.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Double The Tails Double The Fun Guide

In order to complete this quest you will have to have a mount that can swim. If you don’t have that yet, keep pushing in the story and you will get to it in the Coastlands. Once you have that, you need to find a Finneon. Head here on the map and get your Pokeballs out.

Finneon Locations Pokemon Legends Arceus

You don’t even have to fight these, you can swim by and toss your Great Balls at them and catch them. You can try to fight them and then put them to sleep if you are struggling to hit them from behind. There are plenty in the area, so don’t stress about messing up a couple of times. You can always leave and come back if you run out of fish to hunt.

After you catch the Finneon, head back to the quest giver and you can turn it in. You can collect your reward and be done.

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