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Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide

Requests are side quests in the new Pokemon game. This Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide will tell you where to find all of the Requests we’ve completed as well as information on how to complete each of the Requests you encounter while exploring the game.

There are a lot of Requests available as you explore the world of Pokemon Legends Arceus. They are usually given by towns folk as you explore the town, marked by a small request icon above the head of the person giving the Request. These are optional side quests that you can complete or ignore.

Important: A lot of Requests are tied directly to specific Pokemon so if the Request involves that Pokemon but you’ve yet to catch one, that’s the most likely reason the Request isn’t where it is listed. If you are struggling to find NPC’s on the map, be sure to track the quest so that the objective markers are shown.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide

Request #1 Wurmple Can Evolve
Request #2 Adorably Starly
Request #3 What Did Shinxs Ears Look Like
Request #4 Big Buizel, Little Buizel
Request #5 What It Takes To Be Awesome
Request #6 Mushroom Cake Marketing
Request #7 Playing With Drifloon
Request #8 Bothersome Bidoof
Request #9 Zubats Eyes
Request #10 - Wurmples Evolved
Request #11 The Timbre Of The Fields
Request #12 A Perfect Pickling Stone
Request #13 Trees That Bear Berries
Request #14 Berry Helpful
Request #15 Balloon Race In The Fieldlands
Request #16 Strange Happenings At Midnight
Request #17 To Bloom Or Not To Bloom
Request #18 Please! Make Me A Pokeshi Doll
Request #19 - A Peculiar Ponyta
Request #20 - The Mysterious Will-o-the-Wisp
Request #21 Back-Alley Mr.Mime
Request #22 - Eerie Apparitions In The Night
Request #23 - Getting Ahold Of New Wares
Request #24 - Inspiration From Hippopotas
Request #25 - The Pokemon In The Woodland Photo
Request #26 - Aim For The Big Leagues
Request #27 - Help Wanted: Plowing The Fields
Request #28 - Measuring Your Compatibility
Request #29 - The Search For Bitter Leaves
Request #30 - A Beautiful Rose
Request #31 - Setting Up The Bogbound Camp
Request #32 - The Headache-Stricken Psyduck
Request #33 - What A Massive Mushroom
Request #34 - Croagunks Curative Poison
Request #35 - Battling With Pachirisu
Request #36 - Watering With Care
Request #37 - The Fragrance Of Nostalgic Herbs
Request #38 - Gone Astray..in The Mirelands
Request #39 - All About Magikarp
Request #40 - The Charm Lost In The Swamp
Request #41 - An Elegant Tail
Request #42 - Help Wanted: Watering The Fields
Request #43 - More New Wares
Request #44 - The Pokemon In The Nighttime Photo
Request #45 - Shells of the East and West
Request #46 - Setting Up The Coastlands Camp
Request #47 - Balloon Race In The Coastlands
Request #48 - The Taste Of Home
Request #49 - Keep An Eye Out For Aipom
#Request #50 - Double The Tails, Double The Fun
Request #51 - Coming Up Roses
Request #52 - Eevees Evolutions
Request #53 - Octillerys Ink
Request #54 - Serving Up Swap Snacks
Request #55 - Poor Peckish Piplup
Request #56 - Getting Help From Machoke
Request #57 - The Taste Of Honey
Request #58 - Gone Astray..in The Coastlands
Request #59 - Misdreavus The Hairstyle Muse
Request #60 - Help Wanted: Rock Smashing In The Fields
Request #61 - Even More New Wares
Request #62 - The Pokemon In The River Photo
Request #63 - Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam
Request #64 - Getting To Know Ghosts
Request #65 - Setting Up The Mountain Camp
Request #66 - The Seas Legend
Request #67 - The Clefairys Moonlit Dance
Request #68 - A Nosepass To Guide The Way
Request #69 - Gone Astray...In The Highlands
Request #70 - Colorful New Looks
Request #71 - New Wares Yet Again
Request #72 - Pesselles Easy Errand
Request #73 - Which Is The Real Burmy
Request #74 - A Bit Of Help From Blissey
Request #75 - Kirlia The Hairstyle Muse
Request #76 - Mushroom Hunting With Swinub
Request #77 - Gone Astray...In The Fieldlands
Request #78 - Setting Up The Icepeak Camp
Request #79 - Balloon Race In The Icelands
Request #80 - The Perfect Pickle Recipe
Request #81 - In Search Of A Fiery Pokemon
Request #82 - Traces Of A Lost Village
Request #83 - Snow-White Vulpix In The Snow
Request #84 - The Bergmite Enthusiast
Request #85 - At Home Under The Eaves
Request #86 - Gone Astray...In The Icelands
Request #87 - Rolling With Spheal
Request #88 - Steely Lucario
Request #89 - The Diamond Clans Treasure
Request #90 - The Pearl Clans Treasure
Request #91 - On The Trail Of X
Request #94 - Incarnate Forces of Hisui

If you have any questions for any of the Requests in our Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide, please leave a comment below. There are several Requests missing that require save data from previous games, will update with those shortly, they are post-game, Request #93 and #94

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