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Pokemon Legends Arceus The Fragrance Of Nostalgic Herbs Guide

One of the requests in Pokemon Arceus has you looking for a Pokemon covered in herbs shaped like blue vines. Check out this Pokemon Legends Arceus The Fragrance Of Nostalgic Herbs Guide to find that Pokemon. This way you aren’t searching in all the wrong areas.

Where To Find The Pokemon Covered In Herbs Shaped Like Blue Vines In Pokemon Arceus

The Pokemon you are looking for is called Tangela and it can be found in the Crimson Mirelands. You can find one or two around this area, right near a large Alpha.

Pokemon Legends ArceusThe Fragrance Of Nostalgic Herbs Guide 2

I found mine at night but I am pretty sure they will spawn in the day as well. Tangela will normally be right near some tall grass as well, making it easier for you to sneak behind it and catch it. You can also fight with one if you are caught for whatever reason.

The Alpha in the area is Tangrowth and it spawns at level 45. It has grass moves, buffs, and sleep powder that it likes to use. Brining a fire Pokemon to the fight will easily even the odds for you. I was able to beat it with most of my Pokemon around 30. I only lost one, but the Alpha also did a lot of buffing and gave me free hits. You can also catch this one if you are feeling up to it.

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