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Pokemon Legends Arceus The Sea’s Legend Guide

One of the quests you get in Pokemon Legends Arceus is called The Sea’s Legend. Check out this Pokemon Legends Arceus The Sea’s Legend guide to find out what you need to do to complete it. This way you aren’t just wandering aimlessly through the world looking for a legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends Arceus The Sea’s Legend Guide

This is one of the more in depth quests in the game. You are going to need to catch three different Pokemon first.

You are going to need to get a Qwilfish, Mantke, and a Buizel in order to complete this quest.

Where To Find A Big Buizel In Pokemon Legends Arceus 1

Pokemon Legends Arceus The Sea's Legend Guide 1

Seas Legend Quillfish

You can find the Pokemon at those locations. The next step is to evolve your Qwilfish. Go to your moves on Qwilfish and make sure Barb Barrage is on. You need to attack with Barb Barrage in strong stance 20 times in order to have Qwilfish evolve.

When the Quilfish has evolved into Overqwil, make sure Overqwil, Mantke, and Buizel are in your party and then go to the Cosatlands camp. Rest until evening and then travel through the archway in the water. You will get a cut scene and some new Pokemon will spawn elsewhere. Now look on your map and head to Seafoam cave. Save before you enter, just in case you kill the Pokemon instead of catching it.

You will want to kill the smaller ones, or catch them first. If you kill the Manaphe, it won’t respawn and you can’t complete the quest. I had to put it to sleep, get it to red HP ,and use 5 ultra balls before I caught it. The game will autosave after the battle if you catch the smaller Pokemon, so be careful.

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