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Pokemon Legends Arceus Trial Of Lake Acuity Riddles Guide

This Pokemon Legends Arceus Lake Acuity Riddles Guide will tell you the answers to the riddle given during the Trial of Lake Acuity. This is part of the final stages of the game when you are tasked with seeking out the three lakes and solving the puzzles within. The Trial of Lake Acuity has a riddle that you must answer if you want to progress.

All of the trials begin with a trial by combat, then they branch out into different areas. This particular puzzle gives you a riddle involving several Pokemon. It asks you to get the number of eyes of each of the Pokemon it lists and give the answer all in one.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Trial Of Lake Acuity Riddles Guide

Q: Combee. Zubat. Unown. Magneton. Dusclops. How many are their eyes? Tell me each, one by one yet all at once
A: Combee has 6 eyes, Zubat 0, Unown 1, Magneton 3, Dusclops 1, so the answer is 60131

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