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Pokemon Masters Sync Pair List

Pokemon Masters Sync Pair List
If you want new Pokemon & Trainers in Pokemon Masters, you need to unlock Sync Pairs. This Pokemon Masters Sync Pair List guide lists all of the different Sync Pairs we have discovered in Pokemon Masters so far. There are many different ways to unlock each Sync Pair. Some are unlocked through the purchasing of in-game items, loot box style, while others are unlocked during special events and through story progression.

Sync Pairs is an ever growing feature of Pokemon Masters. New Sync Pairs are added through regular events, so be sure to look out for new banner events with exciting new Sync Pair opportunities. There were quite a few confirmed yet to be in-game, we’ve added them thanks to the help of the great folks over at Reddit.

Pokemon Masters Sync Pair List

Pokemon NameTrainer NameRarityDex Number
AbomasnowCandice3 Stars34
AegislashWikstrom3 Stars53
AmauraGrant4 Stars48
ArcanineMarley3 Stars38
AriadosJanine3 Stars15
AvaluggWulfric3 Stars51
BeedrillBugsy3 Stars11
BlisseyCheryl3 Stars37
BronzongThorton4 Stars36
CarracostaMarlon3 Stars45
CharizardRed5 StarsTBA
ClawitzerSiebold4 Stars52
ConkeldurrMarshal4 Stars47
CranidosRoark3 Stars30
CrobatKoga3 StarsTBA
CryogonalBrycen3 Stars42
DragoniteLance5 StarsTBA
FloatzelCrasher Wake3 Stars33
GarchompCynthia5 StarsTBA
GardevoirDiantha5 StarsTBA
GengarAgatha4 Stars#9
GranbullMina3 Stars56
HaxorusIris3 Stars43
HoundoomKaren5 Stars17
InfernapeFlint4 Stars35
KingdraClair4 Stars14
LaprasLorelei4 Stars#7
LucarioKorrina3 Stars49
LunatoneLiza3 Stars25
MachampBruno4 Stars#8
MakuhitaBrawley3 Stars20
MedititeMaylene3 Stars32
MiltankWhitney4 Stars12
MudsdaleHapu3 Stars58
NosepassRoxanne3 Stars19
OnixBrock3 Stars#2
PalossandAcerola5 StarsTBA
PalpitoadClay3 Stars40
PelipperWinona3 Stars23
PersianPersian4 StarsTBA
PikachuMain Character3 Stars#1
PinsirNoland4 Stars28
PiplupBarry3 Stars29
PonytaBlaine3 Stars#6
RaichuHau4 Stars54
RoseradeGardenia5 Stars31
SalamenceDrake4 Stars27
SamurottHilbert5 StarsTBA
SeelPryce3 Stars13
SlakingNorman3 Stars22
SnivyRosa5 Stars39
SolrockTate3 Stars24
StarmieMisty3 Stars#3
StoutlandCheren5 StarsTBA
SwannaSkyla3 Stars41
TogedemaruSophocles4 Stars55
TorkoalFlannery3 Stars21
TotodileKris5 Stars10
ToucannonKahili4 Stars59
TreeckoBrendan5 Stars18
VileplumeErika3 Stars#5
VoltorbLieutenant Surge3 Stars#4
WeepinbellRamos3 Stars50
WhirlipedeRoxie4 Stars44
XatuWill4 Stars16
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