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Pokemon Masters Sync Pair Stories Guide

Pokemon Masters Sync Pair Stories Guide
Sync Pair Stories are special events you can unlock in Pokemon Masters, and a great source of free gems. This Pokemon Masters Sync Pair Stories Guide explains the basic mechanics of the Sync Pair Stories system including details on how to unlock new ones and the rewards locked away within.

Sync Pairs are the name given to Trainer & Pokemon combo’s in Pokemon Masters. Sync Pairs can be unlocked in a variety of ways, from purchasing one from the in-game store to progressing through the main story campaign.

Pokemon Masters Sync Pair Stories Guide

A Sync Pair Story is a brief event that gives you the opportunity to learn more about a specific Sync Pair. They are unlocked once a Sync Pair has been unlocked. For example, once you unlock Rosa during Chapter 1, you will then be unlock and be able to play her Sync Pair Story mission.

The first Sync Pair Story mission is always the same. It’s a very brief conversation, one that can be entirely skipped, that rewards you with Gems for taking the time to learn about your new friends. We’re still progressing through the game but it’s almost certain that Pokemon Masters will expand on Sync Stories to offer further rewards and advancements with that particular Sync Pair.

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