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Pokemon Quest Cooking Recipe Guide

Pokemon Quest Cooking Recipe Guide
In order to get new Pokemon to visit your camp in Pokemon Quest, you will have to cook them food. Certain recipes will attract certain Pokemon, so knowing them all is a big help. Check out this Pokemon Quest cooking recipe guide to find out what all the cooking recipes are.

If you’re looking for specific Pokemon, check out our Pokemon Quest how to catch Pokemon guide.

There are a number of different recipes for each type of dish. While some are basic and attract the same Pokemon, there are Special Recipe versions that attract rarer and more powerful Pokemon. Check the bottom of the guide for a list of Special Recipes.

Pokemon Quest Cooking Recipe Guide

Mulligan Stew A La Cube (Attracts: Random Pokemon)
Red Stew A La Cube (Attracts: Red Pokemon)
Blue Soda A La Cube (Attracts: Blue Pokemon)
Mouth-Watering Dip A La Cube (Attracts: Water Pokemon)
Yellow Curry A La Cube (Attracts: Yellow Pokemon)
Gray Porridge A La Cube (Attracts: Gray Pokemon)
Hot Pot A La Cube (Attracts: Fire Pokemon)
Light As Air A La Cube (Attracts Flying Pokemon)
Brain Food A La Cube (Attracts: Psychic Pokemon)
Mud Pie A La Cube (Attracts: Ground Pokemon
Stone Soup A La Cube (Attracts: Rock Pokemon)
Plain Crepe A La Cube (Attracts: Normal Pokemon)
Veggie Smoothie A La Cube (Attracts: Grass Pokemon
Sludge Soup A La Cube (Attracts: Poison Pokemon)
Mouth Watering Dip A La Cube (Attracts: Water Pokemon)
Veggie Smoothie A La Cube (Attracts: Bug Pokemon)
Watt A Risotto A La Cube (Attracts: Electric Pokemon)
Get Swole A La Cube (Attracts: Fighting Pokemon)
Ambrosia Of Legends (Attracts: Rare/Legendary Pokemon)

Pokemon Quest Cooking Special Recipe Guide

Below is a list of the different Special Recipes we have found so far. If we have yet to discover a Special Recipe, we will include the highest level recipe available.

Get Swole Special Recipe

  • 2x Bluk Berries, 1x Honey, 1x Tiny Mushroom, 1 Balm Mushroom (Good)

Watt A Risotto

  • 3x Honey, 1x Big Root, 1x Icy Rock

Light As Air

  • 3x Icy Rocks, 2x Big Roots

Hot Pot

  • 3x Balm Mushroom, 2x Big Root

Sludge Soup

  • 3x Balm Mushroom, 1x Tiny Mushroom, 1x Rainbow Matter

Plain Crepe

  • 3x Honey, 2x Balm Mushrooms

Honey Nectar

  • 3x Honey, 1x Bluk Berry, 1x Rainbow Matter

Stone Soup

  • 3x Icy Rocks, 1x Fossil, 1x Rainbow Matter

Brain Food

  • WIP

Veggie Smoothie

  • 3x Big Roots, 2x Apricorns

Gray Porridge

  • 4x Balm, 1x Big Root

Yellow Curry

  • 4x Honey, 1x Big Root

Blue Soda

  • 5x Icy Rocks

Red Stew

  • 5x Big Roots

Mud Pie

  • 3x Big Roots, 2x Icy Rocks

Mouth-Watering Dip

  • 1x Icy Rock, 2x Berries, 2x Honey (Very Good)

We are updating this as we go so check back soon for more Pokemon Quest updates. We are only missing a single recipe but there is still a final ingredient we’ve yet to obtain.

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