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Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet Walkthrough Guide Collection

Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet have finally arrived and with it, tons of exciting content to explore. This Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet Walkthrough Guide Collection acts a central hub for all of our Generation 9 Pokemon guides and walkthroughs including everything from how to evolve new Pokemon, to taking advantage of the awesome new Tera Type system.

Where To Catch Guides

Where To Catch Guides
Gotta catch ’em all, right? This is a collection of all of our guides that involve catching the newest and coolest that the new Pokemon games have to offer. It’s a mix of awesome looking new Pokemon and some of our favorites from previous generations. Typically, 1st gen, as we’re old.

Where To Catch All Scarlet Exclusive Pokemon
Where To Catch Wiglett
Where To Catch Magikarp
Where To Catch Ralts
Where To Catch Paldean Wooper
Where To Catch Fidough
Where To Catch Pawmi
Where To Catch Charcadet
Where To Catch Capsakid
Where To Catch Nacli
Where To Catch Gimmighoul
Where To Catch Tinkatink
Where To Catch Scyther
Where To Catch Eevee
Where To Catch Garchomp
Where To Catch Dratini
Where To Catch Ditto
Where To Catch Flabebe
Where To Get Galarian Meowth (YT Video)
Where To Find Nectar For Oricorio (YT Video)

How To Evolve Guides

How To Evolve Guides
With the introduction of all-new Pokemon comes the never-ending drive to try and figure out how all these new folks evolve. There’s some simple ones, following traditional leveling mechanics, and then we have the expected whacky ones that are a little more crazy.

How To Evolve Nacli
How To Evolve Charcadet
How To Evolve Bisharp
How To Evolve Primeape
How To Evolve Gimmighoul
How To Evolve Eevee Into Umbreon
How To Evolve Eevee Into Sylveon
How To Evolve Eevee Into Espeon

Naranja Academy Guides

Naranja Academy Guides
The Naranja Academy plays a huge role in the games story. You’ll be spending a lot of time here studying various aspects of Pokemon and life in this new region. It’s also a good place to pick up on some stories and history that lead to some rather legendary finds.

All Class Questions Answered
Math Test & Exam Answers
History Test & Exam Answers
Languages Test & Exam Answers
Battle Studies Test & Exam Answers
Art Test & Exam Answers
Home Ec Test & Exam Answers
Biology Test & Exam Answers

Gyms & Story Guides

Gyms & Story Guides
As with most Pokemon games, a new, grueling gym circuit awaits. Eight unique gyms, each with their own trials, in a open-world game where you can attempt to tackle almost any problem at any time, just make sure you go in prepared.

Medali Gym Test Guide
Artazon Gym Test Guide
Levincia Gym Test Guide
How To Reach Alfornada Gym
Champion Assessment Answers
Where To Find False Dragon Titan
How To Beat The Elite Four With 1 Pokemon

Travel Guides

Travel Guides
With such an awesome and expansive new region to explore, you’ll wait to get around as quickly as possible. Unlocking some of the new travel abilities by hunting down the Titans is a very good investment early in the story.

How To Run & Sprint
How To Swim Or Surf
How To Fly Or Glide
How To Climb Any Surface

Miscellaneous Guides

Miscellaneous Guides
The cooler and more mysterious stuff goes here. There’s a lot of awesome new secrets and treasures to discover in the new game such as tracking down the ever-elusive new Pokemon, Gimmighoul, and his blasted 999 Gimmighoul coins.

What Is Tera Type
Best Starting Pokemon
Where To Find 999 Gimmighoul Coins
NPC Pokemon Trading locations
Best Tera Type Combos
Where To Find Soothe Bell
How To Change Outfits & Clothes
How To Get Eggs Super Fast
Pictures Of All Tera Types
What Are Black Stakes For
Where To Find The Green Stakes
Where To find Yellow Stakes
Where To Find Purple Stakes
Where To Find Blue Stakes
10 Great Sights Of Paldea
How To Open The Purple Door
Technical Machines (TM’s) Guide
Picnic Meal Power Effects List
Where To Get Tera Shards
How To Change Pokemon Abilities (YT Video)
How To Unlock 6 Star Raids (YT Video)

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