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Pokemon Sword & Shield Cooking Guide

Pokemon Sword & Shield Cooking Guide
Cooking adds an excitement element to your long journey. This Pokemon Sword & Shield Cooking Guide explains the basics of the cooking system in Sword & Shield including everything from the gathering of ingredients to the creation of that perfect dish, the ultimate curry.

You learn to cook very early in Pokemon Sword & Shield. After you reach the Wild Area for the first time, you’re given a tent. It is here that you can set up a camp and cook a meal for you and your Pokemon. If you are online, you can also see other peoples tents and visit their camp to share food between both sets of Pokemon. Neat, eh?

Pokemon Sword & Shield Cooking Guide

Before you are able to cook you must set up camp. This is simple. Open the menu with X and then select Pokemon Camp. Here you can call your Pokemon, play with some toys and, if you press X for the menu, you can begin to cook. The first thing you want to do here is check your Curry Dex. This is basically a recipe book, featuring a list of recipes you have previously discovered. You probably already have a Sour Curry, which is basically the equivalent of a failed dish.

Check your other recipes, such as the Sweet Burger-Steak Curry. Here you will find a Key Ingredient. This is the part you want to pay attention to. If you want to make a specific dish, use only 1 type of key ingredient. Random berries and such are fine to add, but using one single key ingredient is the best way to unlock new recipes.

Sword & Shield Cooking Guide

You can buy them from NPC vendors at the stairs leading to the two main entrances in the Wild Area. They sell Sausages, Burgers, that sort of thing. Now, if you want to make a new recipe, select Start Cooking and don’t use a Key Ingredient you’ve used before. Throw in some berries and it’s time to cook. For example, I used sausages as my main ingredient and spicy berries, I got a spicy sausage curry.

Fan the flames by following the on-screen instructions, speed and technique both seem to work equally well. Once it’s time to stir, begin slowly and increase in speed. You will hear a noise, a shiny effect, that tells you when you are stirring perfectly. Maintain that tempo to make the best dish.

If you do it right, you will get experience points, full heals, and sometimes even a friendship boost with your Pokemon. Cooking has other benefits too, such as unlocking more toys for your Pokemon to play with.

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