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Pokemon Sword & Shield Crown Tundra – Walk Together With A Living Crystal Of Snow

Pokemon Sword & Shield Crown Tundra - Walk Together With A Living Crystal Of Snow
Walk together with a living crystal of snow is one of the riddles for the ruins. This Pokemon Sword & Shield Crown Tundra – Walk Together With A Living Crystal Of Snow guide will tell you how to solve the riddle that blocks the door, so you can open the door and explore the ruins within.

You want to head to the Iceberg Ruins on the Snowslide Slope. It’s a short distance North of Giant’s Bed. There’s a large set of ruins here with a blocked door. When you interact with the door you are given a single clue “Walk Together With A Living Crystal Of Snow”

Walk Together With A Living Crystal Of Snow

Walk Together With A Living Crystal Of Snow
It’s a relatively simple clue. You need to find and catch a Cryogonal. They are very common in the Crown Tundra DLC. In fact, you can find them immediately after getting off the train in the very first area of the DLC.

Much like the other DLC, the Crown Tundra lets you walk around with a Pokemon by your side. That’s the “Walk together” part of the clue. The “With a living crystal of snow clue” is the clue to the Pokemon you require. Once you have caught a Cryogonal, add him to your party and make sure he is in the primary slot, the slot at the top of your party. This will cause the Pokemon to walk around with you.

Once he is walking by your side, interact with the door again. This will open the door. Once inside, stand on each floor panel before saving the game and then interacting with the statue. This will allow you to fight Regice, a legendary Ice Pokemon.

  • Catch yourself a Cryogonal
  • head to the Ruins
  • Make sure Cryogonal is at the top of your party in the party menu
  • Interact with the door to open it and head inside (save before the fight)
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