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Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor Dojo Upgrade Guide

Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor Dojo Upgrade Guide
At a point in the story Honey will ask for Watts to upgrade the Dojo. This Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor Dojo Upgrade Guide lists all of the different rewards you receive for upgrading the Dojo, allowing you to see if the end goals are worth the investment of valuable Watts.

Check out our Armorite Ore farming guide, you’re going to need a lot of Watts.

Watts are a lot easier to obtain now. You can farm Armorite Ore and then trade that ore with a new NPC that digs for Watts. For 7 Armorite Ore you can easily obtain 50,000+ Watts each time. It still involves some grinding but the Watts themselves are much easier to obtain now that the new NPC is unlocked.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor Dojo Upgrade Guide

After you receive Kubfu and increase its friendship, you are told to return to the Dojo and speak with Mustard. On your way Honey will be mumbling to herself. Speak with her and she will tell you that she wants to upgrade the Dojo, but she hasn’t got any Watts.

  • 5,000 Watts – Hair stylist (can change hair styles at the dojo)
  • 10,000 Watts – Rotomi Terminal (Access to Pokemon boxes, Lottery, etc)
  • 20,000 Watts – A working Rotomi
  • 30,000 Watts – Vending Machine (sells basic drinks at cheaper prices)
  • 40,000 Watts – Adds Soda Pop to vending machine (Costs $150)
  • 50,000 Watts – Adds Lemonade to vending machine
  • 100,000 Watts – Adds Refrigerator (Can collect Fruit Bunch, Moomoo Cheese, Large Leek, and Sausages)
  • 200,000 Watts – Adds Nutrious Drinks to new vending machine (Protein, Iron)
  • 300,000 Watts – Adds Calcium and Zinc to vending machine
  • 400,000 Watts – Adds HP Up and Carbos to vending machine
  • 500,000 Watts – League card customization background
  • 800,000 Watts – Honey’s League Card (oh joy)
  • 1,000,000 Watts – Battle rival trainer (Honey)
  • 3,280,000 Watts – Honey’s Rare League Card (You go on a walk with Honey, no further rewards mentioned. Big thanks to Derek for the submission)

Thanks for Derek for the contributions! We will continue to update this Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor Dojo Upgrade Guide once we get more Watts and unlock more Dojo upgrades.

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