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Pokemon Trading Locations In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

Each NPC That Trades & The Pokemon They Offer

Certain NPC’s will trade you Pokemon for specific Pokemon. This Pokemon Trading Locations In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl guide will tell you where to find all of the NPC’s that offer trades, the Pokemon they require, and the Pokemon you receive in return.

Trading Pokemon with NPC’s has long been a staple part of the Pokemon games. They usually offer rarer and more powerful Pokemon in exchange for Pokemon that are readily available or easily discovered. It can be a fantastic way of bolstering your party early, getting more powerful Pokemon types, such as Abra.

Pokemon Trading Locations In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

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Machop For Abra (Oreburgh City)
You can find this trader in one of the large buildings next to the Pokemart. The girl inside will ask you to trade her. You need to trade a Machop in exchange for an Abra. This is a great deal as Abra is a very powerful addition to your team. If you need help tracking down Machop, check out our guide here.

Buizel For Chatot (Eterna City)
This trader is in Eterna City at the building next to the Pokemart. Talk to the kid sitting at the table and he will off the trade. They offer to trade you a Buizel for a Chatot. You can find Buizel on Route 205.

Medicham for Haunter (Snowpoint City)
Up in Snowpoint city there is a woman who wants to trade you a Haunter. You need to catch a Medicham, which can be found on Route 217 right outside town. Bring it to her for a Haunter. It does NOT evolve because she kept a item on it to prevent it from doing so.

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