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Pokemon X & Y Capture Guide Collection

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Pokemon, ever since the beginning was always about collecting them all. However, after the first generations of Pokemon that keeps getting more and more difficult as we stray from the original 150. Follow along with us on our quest in every section of this new Pokemon adventure. This Pokemon X & Y Capture Guide Collection will show every area in Pokemon X & Y and what Pokemon can be caught in each section. Since the Pokemon world of Kalos is so giant we will be filling it as we go.

Pokemon X & Y Pokemon Locations

Each section will go over not only what Pokemon is in each section, but also a mini walkthrough of at least the essential stuff in the area. I will also highlight some of the more adorable/rare Pokemon in each route. Make sure to keep checking back as we will be adding every route we get to!

rout_2_map santalune forest
route_3_map route_22_map
route_4 route_5
route_6 route_7
connecting cave route_8

Again, Pokemon X & Y is a huge game so this will be a work in progress. If you have any Pokemon you would like to add to one of the areas let us know! We will make sure to add it and give you credit.

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