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Pokemon X & Y Guide: Anistar City Gym Guide

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Anistar City has the 7th badge and is home to the Psychic gym. You will want to bring a Dark or Ghost type Pokemon to get through this gym easily. This guide will help you bring down the leader and help you get the badge! Let’s get started.

Anistar City

Gym Battle

Pokemon X & Y Anistar City Gym Guide

As usual be sure to bring some potions and revives just in case you need to use them. I ran through this gym with a lvl 52 Tyrantrum with no problems at all.

Walk to the center of the star between the two statues to start this gym. Head up and follow the path until you face off with Psychic Paschal. Paschal has a lvl 46 Exeggutor who is weak dark, I used a lvl 52 Tyrantrum for this battle.

Keep following the path up until you hit a yellow block and drop to different level. Keep follow the path to the right until you hit the next yellow block and take it as well. From there head down to another yellow block and then down again to a fourth yellow block. On the next level keep going down until you face off with Psychic Harry who will send out a lvl 46 Medicham. I couldn’t find his weakness but it isn’t Dark and my lvl 52 Tyrantrum still got the job done with crunch.

After you beat Harry head down and then take a right until you hit another yellow square. Follow the next path up to another yellow square and you will be on a pink floor. Take the path until you run into Psychic Arthur. Arthur has a lvl 46 Reuniclus who died in one hit from my Dark attack.

Go around Arthur and take the next yellow block to a green floor. Follow the path to the left until you run into Hex Maniac Melanie. Melanie will send out a lvl 46 Gardevoir who is weak to Ghost type moves. After you beat her follow the path to the left and take the yellow pad. Heal up and save because it is time to face the gym leader.

The gym leader is Olympia and she has a lvl 44 Sigilyph who is weak to Dark moves, a lvl 45 Slowking who is weak to Dark moves, and a lvl 48 Meowstick who is also weak to Dark moves. After you beat her you will get the Psychic badge and the TM Calm Mind.

That will end the Pokemon X & Y Anistar City Gym Guide, check back soon for more Pokemon guides!

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