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Pokemon is one of the most complicated and secret filled games around. The different way Pokemon evolve, different paths to take and gyms to conquer leave a lot of things open to be missed and forgotten. To make sure that everyone gets every Pokemon, defeats every trainer with ease and finds other secretes this Pokemon X & Y Guide Collection will be our collection of the must knows of the new Pokemon game. We will make sure to add more guides to the collection as we keep progressing through the game so make sure to check back regularly.

Pokemon X & Pokemon Y Gym Guides

1st gym leader

Pokemon X & Pokemon Y Pokemon Locations Guide


Other Helpful Pokemon X & Pokemon Y Guides


We will keep adding onto this guide as we go throughout the game. Make sure to keep checking back as new content will be going up daily. For any other help or if you have any other questions make sure to hit us up in the comments section below. For everything else video games including a recent podcast about Pokemon, keep it locked right here on Gamers Heroes.

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