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Pokemon X & Y Guide: How to Get Fossil Pokemon

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One of our most popular guides right now is whether or not you should pick up the Jaw Fossil or the Sail Fossil so I thought it would be best to actually point out how to get the Fossil and retrieve it for the amazing Pokemon they are. The Fossil can be found in the Glittering Cave just past Route 9. You will have to ride a Rhyhorn along the bumpy rocks to get to the Glittering Cave.

Once inside the Cave there dark spots that once you walk up to you will have to fight a Pokemon. Hopefully you brought some Poke Balls of some type because so far it’s been the only place to catch some really cool rock Pokemon like Onyx and Rhyhorn. Make your way through the cave and eventually you will get up to a Team Flare member.

You will have to fight in 3 trainer matches with Team Flare before you can continue on in the cave. The last battle will be a team battle with two Flare members and your neighbor. Most of their Pokemon tend to be around level 15 and only have one Pokemon per trainer so as long as you don’t exhaust yourself in Route 9 and trying to catch Pokemon in the cave you should be just fine.


After beating all of the Team Flare members you will walk down a short path and find a Scientist studying a fossil. At this point you will have the opportunity to pick between the Jaw Fossil or the Sail Fossil. The Jaw Fossil when redeemed is a Tyrunt which is a powerful Dragon/Rock Pokemon. The Sail Fossil when redeemed is an Amaura which is a Ice/Rock type Pokemon. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

142AerodactylThose two aren’t the only fossils in Pokemon X & Y however. Do you remember Aerodactyl? Aerodactyl was a Rock/Flying Pokemon from the original 151 that could only be obtained through fossils. You can still get Aerodactyl in Pokemon X & Y by taking a Pokemon that uses Rock Smash back to the Glittering cave. Small cracked boulders are all around the cave can be smashed. Sometimes when you smash the boulders you will get a piece of Amber. Take the Amber back to the fossil lab to get yourself an Aerodactyl.

And that will end our Pokemon X and Y guide on how to get Fossil Pokemon. I hope that this guide helped you! If you have any other questions about fossil Pokemon, make sure to hit us up in the chat below. For everything else Pokemon X and Y make sure to keep checking back to Gamers Heroes for daily updates on content.

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