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Pokemon X & Y Guide: Laverre City Gym Guide

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Laverre City has the next gym in Pokemon X & Y and it is the Fairy gym. You will want to bring either Steel or Bug type Pokemon to beat this Gym easily. This guide will help you get the Badge quickly and effectively! Let’s get started.

Laverre City


Pokemon X & Y Laverre City Gym Guide

Up to this point I didn’t have a steel Pokemon so I went with a Bug Pokemon. The highest level Pokemon in here is 42 so try to bring something around 50. Be sure to bring some potions and revives because odds are you are going to lose a Pokemon or two.

Once you are in the go to the left teleport pad first. This will get you a fight with Furisode Girl Kali. Kali has a lvl 38 Dedenne who is weak to ground and bug and a lvl 38 Azumaril who is weak to bug type moves.

After you beat Kali go to the other teleport pad in the room and you will go to a different room. In this room you will face off with Furisode Girl Linnea and her lvl 40 Aromafisse who is weak to bug moves.

From there take the teleport pad in the top of the room and you will end up in a bathroom. Take the pad below the one you came in and you will end up in a room with only one pad so take that one. In the next room you will face off with Furisode Girl Blossom. Blossom has a lvl 37 Klefki who is weak to bug moves, a lvl 37 Kirlia who I couldn’t find the weakness to, and a lvl 37 Granbull who is likely weak to bug but my bug Pokemon died so I’m not sure.

After that take the pad that is on the bottom of the room and you will be teleported to a bedroom with a Furisode Girl who has a lvl 40 Slufpuff that is weak to bug moves. After you beat here there is only one way to go so take that pad and the heal and save because the next fight is for the Badge.

Valerie has a lvl 38 Mawile who I couldn’t find a weakness to but it isn’t bug, grass, or ground, a lvl 39 Mr. Mime who I couldn’t find the weakness to but it is not bug, and a lvl 42 Sylveon who killed my bug Pokemon before I could test it but I know he is immune to Dragon moves. After you beat her you will get the Fairy badge and TM Dazzling Gleam which is pretty strong.

That will end the Pokemon X & Y Laverre City Gym Guide, check back soon for more Pokemon guides!

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