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Pokemon X & Y Guide: Lumiose City Gym Guide

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Lumiose City has the next Gym and it is the Electric type Gym. Ground Pokemon will be your best bet here. This guide will help you get through the gym on your first try! Let’s get started.

Lumiose City Gym

Pokemon X & Y Lumiose City Gym GuideI had Chesnaught so I was able to clear out most of these guys without any issues. If you don’t have him then use a ground Pokemon like Dugtrio to counter the electricity moves. Bring potions and plenty of paralyze heals because you will get paralyzed a lot in here. The gym is known as the Quiz gym as well apparently.Once you are inside take the elevator up and then walk to the platform with the question marks. Once you are there you will get a question and the first one is who is that Pokemon? It is the outline of Pikachu. Go to number three and you will face Schoolboy Finnian. Finnian has one Pokemon, a lvl 34 Dedenne who I couldn’t find the weakness to because I kill him in one shot.One the next floor you will have another what Pokemon is it quiz. The Pokemon is a Fletchling and the correct number is one. Talk to her to face off with her. She also only has one Pokemon, a lvl 35 Raichu who is weak to ground.The third floor is a bit of a tricky one because they use the Pokemon who looks the same just different colors. Panpour is the right answer and that is door 3. You will fight Ace Trainer Rico and he has a lvl 36 Ampharos who is weak to ground moves.They try to throw you off again this time by showing you three different pictures and asking you which one is the different one. Take door number two this time and you will face off with lvl 34 Plusle who is weak to ground moves.Once you go up to the next floor you will face off with the Gym leader Clemont. Clemont has a lvl 35 Emolga who is weak to rock moves, a lvl 35 Magneton who is weak to ground moves, and a lvl 37 Helioisk who is weak to ground moves. After you win you will get the Voltage badge and the TM Thunderbolt.That will end the Pokemon X & Y Lumiose City Gym Guide, check back soon for more Pokemon guides!

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