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Pokemon X & Y Guide: Mega Evolutions Guide

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One of the biggest, newest addition to the Pokemon X & Pokemon Y is Mega Evoltuions. They add a whole new layer on top of planning for battles allowing Pokemon to evolve temporarily for more power and for type changes. This Pokemon X & Y Guide will go over the new Mega Evolution Pokemon and what you need to do to get their Mega Evolution stones. Some of them can only really be gotten until after completing the story and defeating the Elite 4 in the Pokemon League. If you find any other Pokemon with Mega Evolutions, make sure to let us know in the comments below.

Mega Evolution Pokemon

For the Mega Evoltuions in Pokemon X & Y you are going to need three things. First you will need the proper Pokemon to be leveled up and evolved to a certain point. Secondly you will need the proper stone that the Pokemon has to be holding. Finally you have to have the Mega Evoltuion bracelet that you get in the Tower of Mastery after the third gym. If you have all of these things, you will be able to Mega Evolve any of the Pokemon listed below.

Pokemon Picture Type Game Stone Location
Mega Venusaur 003-m Grass/Poison X/Y Given in Lumiose City
Mega Charizard X 006-mx Fire/Dragon X Given in Lumiose City
Mega Charizard Y 006-my Fire/Flying Y Given in Lumiose City
Mega Blastoise 009-m Water X/Y Given in Lumiose City
Mega Alakazam 065-m Psychic X/Y Reflecting Cave (A)
Mega Gengar 094-m Ghost/Poison X/Y Given in Laverre City
Mega Kangaskhan 115-m Normal X/Y Glittering Cave
Mega Pinsir 127-m Bug/Flying X Santalune Forest (A)
Mega Gyarados 130-m Water/Dark X/Y Couriway Town (A)
Mega Aerodactyl 142-m Rock/Flying X/Y Given in Ambrette Town
Mega Mewtwo X 150-mx Psychic/Fighting X Pokemon Village Dungeon
Mega Mewtwo Y 150-my Psychic Y Pokemon Village Dungeon
Mega Ampharos 181-m Electric/Dragon X/Y Given in Azure Bay
Mega Scizor 212-m Bug/Steel X/Y Frozen Cave (A)
Mega Heracross 214-m Bug/Fighting Y Santalune Forest (A)
Mega Houndoom 229-m Dark/Fire Y Route 16 (A)
Mega Tyranitar 248-m Rock/Dark X Cyllage Gym (A)
Mega Blaziken 257-m Fire/Fighting X/Y Mystery Gift Torchic
Mega Gardevoir 282-m Fire/Fighting X/Y Trade in Lumiose City for Ralts
Mega Mawile 303-m Steel/Fiary X/Y Shabboneeu Castle (A)
Mega Aggron 306-m Steel Y Cyllage Gym (A)
Mega Medicham 308-m Fighting/Psychic X/Y Laverre City (A)
Mega Manectric 310-m Electric X Route 16 (A)
Mega Banette 354-m Ghost X/Y Cave of Emptiness (A)
Mega Absol 359-m Dark X/Y Given in Kiloude City (A)
Mega Garchomp 445-m Dragon/Ground X/Y Victory Road (A)
Mega Lucario 448-m Fighting/Steel X/Y Given Lucario in Tower of Mastery
Mega Abomasnow 460-m Grass/Ice X/Y Given in Frozen Cave
*(A) = After Elite 4

Those are all of the Mega Evolutions in Pokemon X & Y that we can think of so far. If you have found one that we haven’t yet, make sure to let everyone know in the comments below. If you need any other help with Pokemon X & Y like gym guides or capture walkthroughs, make sure to check out our ever growing list of Pokemon X & Y Guides right here on Gamers Heroes.

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