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Pokemon X & Y Guide: Pokemon in Glittering Cave

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You gotta catch em all! This Pokemon X & Y Capture Guide will go over what Pokemon are available in the Glittering Cave. You get to the Glittering Cave by going through Route 9 on the back of a Rhyhorn. There are surprisingly a lot of awesome Pokemon in this area and even more if you come back with a Pokemon that knows Rock Smash. This is also the area where you get a Jaw Fossil or Sail Fossil. There are a few trainer battles in the Glittering Cave as well. If you get to overwhelmed you can leave the cave and there is a person that will heal your Pokemon just outside the entrence.

Pokemon Available in Glittering Cave:


  • Cubone – Ground
  • Ferroseed – Grass/Steel
  • Kangaskhan – Normal
  • Lunatone – Rock/Psychic
  • Machop – Fighting
  • Onix – Rock/Ground
  • Rhyhorn – Ground/Rock
  • Solrock – Rock/Psychic
  • Woobat – Psychic/Flying
  • Dweebble – Bug/Rock
  • Mawile – Steel/Fairy

Make sure to keep checking back to Gamers Heroes for all of your Pokemon needs! If you find any Pokemon in this area that we didn’t find make sure to tell everyone about it in the comments. For more guides inclkuding different routes, gym guides and more hit up our Pokemon X & Y Guide Collection.

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