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Pokemon X & Y Guide: Pokemon in Route 2 – Avance Trail

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You gotta catch em all! This Pokemon X & Y Capture Guide will go over exactly what is available to you in Route 2 the Avance Trail. This is the first area to catch Pokemon so it should be your first chance to stock up. Most of the Pokemon probably won’t be relevant for very long, but you might as well get them while you can. Make sure to talk to Shauna who teaches you how to catch Pokemon and she will give you 10 Poke Balls.

Pokemon Available in Route 2:

  • Scatterbug – Bug
  • Caterpie – Bug
  • Weedle – Bug/Poison
  • Pidgey – Normal/Flying
  • Fletchling – Normal/Flying
  • Bunnelby – Normal
  • Zigzagoon – Normal

Make sure to keep checking back to Gamers Heroes for all of your Pokemon needs!

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