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Pokemon X & Y Guide: Pokemon in Route 5 – Versant Road

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You gotta catch em all! This Pokemon X & Y Capture Guide will go over what Pokemon are available in Route 5 – Versant Road. This route is Southwast of Lumiose City and is full of some interesting new Pokemon that opens up after talking to the Pokemon Professor. Some of the more notable Pokemon in this area are Abra, who is always a pain to catch, Doduo who is just a funny looking Pokemon and Pancham who evolves in a crazy way.

Pokemon Available in Route 5:


  • Bunnelby – Normal
  • Abra – Psychic
  • Plusle – Electric
  • Minun – Electric
  • Gulpin – Poison
  • Scraggy – Dark/Fighting
  • Pancham – Fighting
  • Doduo – Normal/Flying
  • Skiddo – Grass

Make sure to keep checking back to Gamers Heroes for all of your Pokemon needs! If you find any Pokemon in this area that we didn’t find make sure to tell everyone about it in the comments.

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