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Pokemon X & Y Guide: Pokemon in Route 7 – Reviere Walk

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You gotta catch em all! This Pokemon X & Y Capture Guide will go over what Pokemon are available in Route 7 – Reviere Walk. The Reviere walk is just West of Camphrier Town. You can catch all of these Pokemon in the colorful flowers, but most notable is probably the Snorlax that you can catch in the Poke Flute encounter that happens to open up Route 7. If you need to do any training in Route 7 you should check out the Battle Chateau that mixes in trainers constantly.

Pokemon Available in Route 7:


  • Hoppip – Flying/Grass
  • Snorlax(Poke Flute Encounter) – Normal
  • Volbeat – Bug
  • Illumise – Bug
  • Swirlix – Fairy
  • Ducklett – Water/Flying
  • Croagunk – Poison/Fighting
  • Smeargle – Normal
  • Psyduck – Water
  • Flabebe – Fairy
  • Spritzee – Fairy
  • Roselia – Grass/Poison

Make sure to keep checking back to Gamers Heroes for all of your Pokemon needs! If you find any Pokemon in this area that we didn’t find make sure to tell everyone about it in the comments.

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