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Pokemon X & Y Guide: Pokemon in Route 8 – Muraille Coast

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You gotta catch em all! This Pokemon X & Y Capture Guide will go over what Pokemon are available in Route 8. You get to Route 8 by going through the Connecting Cave. There are some interesting and new Pokemon in this area for a collector. Two that pop out right away are Inkay and Absol. There is also some items along the path that can be grabbed.

Pokemon Available in Route 8:


  • Drifloon – Ghost/Flying
  • Spoink – Psychic
  • Inkay – Dark/Psychic
  • Wingull – Water/Flying
  • Mienfoo – Fighting
  • Absol – Dark
  • Zangoose – Normal
  • Seviper – Poison
  • Dweeble – Rock/Bug
  • Binacle(In Rocks) – Water/Rock
  • Bagon – Dragon

Make sure to keep checking back to Gamers Heroes for all of your Pokemon needs! If you find any Pokemon in this area that we didn’t find make sure to tell everyone about it in the comments.

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