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Pokemon X & Y Guide: Santalune City Gym Guide

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Santalune City is the first city that you will come across in the new Pokemon X & Y. The first gym in Pokemon X & Y is a bug type gym. For this gym the best thing to do is to get some Pokemon at least up to level 10. Training with the trainers leading up to the gym will help slow down the beginning grind. Also when you first enter the forest one of your friends will walk behind you and heal Pokemon whenever asked. Grinding in the forest with a healer at your side is also a quick way to grind.

A couple of good Pokemon for the gym include Farfetch’d that you can get by trading any level Bunnelby to a backpacker in the lower left corner house of Santalune City and will be pre-leveld to 10. You can get a Pansear from the forest and level it up to level 10 for it to learn the fire move incinerate that works well against bugs. Fletchling learns Peck at level 10 that is a flying type that will do away with bugs quickly as well. Of course if you started with the fire starter, Fennekin, this gym is probably going to be a breeze. Pikachu can be helpful for the flying bug types. Finally you can find a Dunsparce in rout 3 before Santalune City that won’t be very relevant throughout the rest of the game, but for this gym has a rock type move Rollout that can be devastating in a gym battle especially against bugs.

To get to the different gym leaders make your way across the spider web by following the bubbles. You can make stops off the side to battle with gym trainers to level up your Pokemon before the big fight. There are three different side trainers before the actual gym leader with Pokemon around level 10 to get you ready for the challenge.

The gym leader, Viola, has two Pokemon. The first is a level 10 Surskit which oddly is like a bug water type that is weak to flying, rock and electric moves. The last Pokemon is a level 12 Vivillon which is a bug flying type that is week to electric, rock and flying moves. This butterfly Pokemon also has a healing move that can be quite annoying. After beating Viola you will receive the Bug Badge which will allow you to control traded Pokemon up to level 30 and TM 83 which is Infestation.

Thanks for reading out Santalune City Bug Gym Guide. If you need anymore help in anything Pokemon, make sure to keep checking Gamers Heroes for more updates! We have all kinds of good information up already like where to catch Pikachu and a move type chart for reference.

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