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Pokemon X & Y Guide: Where To Catch Pikachu

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Who doesn’t love the cutest mascot in maybe all of video games? Pikachu is not necessarily a rare drop in all of the Pokemon games but sometimes he can be hard to corner exactly where this little electrical mouse is going to be. In the new Pokemon X & Y Pikachu can be found very early on in route 3. I found the little guy in a small grass patch directly after the forest. Here are a couple of pics of where to find a memorable friend.

Pikachu is a great early Pokemon. He has high special attack and speed stats that give him an advantage early on. His special characteristic, Static, also works very well in the early goings paralyzing Pokemon that come in contact with them. Pikachu also levels up very quickly in the early game with a lot of bird type Pokemon in the grinding areas. Overall just a great addition to any team early in the new game.

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