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Portal Knights Class & Traits Guide

Portal Knights Class Guide
As soon as you begin your adventures in Portal Knights you are given the question, Warrior, Ranger or Mage? This Portal Knights Class & Traits Guide hopes to answer that question with a detailed rundown of each of the classes available in the game. When you first launch Portal Knights you get to create your very own character. You can choose to be either male or female, and then you get to pick your class. There are three classes available for both genders, Warrior, Ranger and Mage.

As you progress through Portal Knights your character earns experience points and levels up. When you level up a particular class you get to select from a variety of different traits. Typically a choice between 2-3 each time you reach a certain milestone.

Warrior Class

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] A Warrior has access to Sword and Axe weapon types and should focus on Constitution and Strength when leveling. Below is a list of all Warrior Traits in Portal Knights.

Level 2 Traits
Axe Specialization – Increases damage with Axe weapons by 25%
Hammer Specialization – Increases damage with Hammer weapons by 25%
Sword Specialization – Increases damage with Sword weapons by 25%

Level 5 Traits
Eye For An Eye – When receiving damage 30% chance to increase next attack damage by 30%
Fortification – Standing still for 5 seconds drastically increases health regeneration
Commander – All players within 5 meters do increased damage

Level 10 Traits
Adrenaline Rush – Heals you for 5% of maximum HP after killing an enemy
Last Stand – Armor increases dramatically when at low health, can tick once every 90 seconds

Level 15 Traits
Aggression – All shout cooldowns reduced by 25%
Determination – Increases armor by 5% for each enemies in range

Level 20 Traits
Chain Attacks – After dealing damage 3 attacks in a row, next attack deals 50% more damage
Echo – Reduces mana cost of shouts by 25%

Level 25 Traits
Titan Slayer – Increases damage by 30% on enemies with low HP
Tank Mode – Increases healing received by 30%
Empowered Lung – Warrior shouts effects increased by 50%

Level 30 Traits
Combo Swing – Adds a 10% chance to hit an additional attack every swing
Hardened Armor – Increases armor value by 25%
Eternal Rage – After defeating an enemy melee damage increases by 50% for 10 seconds

Ranger Class

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Ranger’s have access to long-range weapons, such as Bows, and can also throw bombs to destroy obstacles and enemies. They focus primarily on Agility and Dexterity when leveling. Below is a list of all Ranger Traits in Portal Knights.

Level 2 Traits
Bow Specialization – Increases damage with Bow weapons by 25%
Crossbow Specialization – Increases damage with Crossbow weapons by 25%
Sling Specialization – Increases damage with Sling weapons by 25%

Level 5 Traits
Sentry Stance – Increases damage dealt by 25% if you don’t move for 5 seconds
Fading – Dodge chance increases by 50% when at low HP for 10 seconds, can occur once every 90 seconds

Level 10 Traits
Dodge Chance – Increases dodge chance by 10%
Evasive Maneuver – Movement speed increases by 30% for 2 seconds when hit with an attack

Level 15 Traits
Potion Mastery – Reduces potion use cooldown by 25%

Level 20 Traits
Orb Thief – 10% chance when using ranged weapons to spawn health orbs
Dodger – After evading with a roll dodge chance raises 25% for 2 seconds
Unstable – All bomb damage increased by 50%

Level 25 Traits
Sharp Shooter – Increases damage by 20% of no enemy is within 10 meters
Cheat Death – A killing blow on your character will not result in death. Can occur once every 90 seconds
In The Face Of Evil – Damage increased by 25% for each enemy within 10 meters

Level 30 Traits
Combo Swing – 10% chance when attacking to deal an extra attack
Exploit Weakness – Range damage increases by 30% when you hit a critical strike for 3 seconds
Survival Instincts – When healing an additional 10% of HP is restored over 3 seconds.

Mage Class

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] The magical attack user of Portal Knights, the Mage. Using a combination of Wands and Staffs Mages launch powerful spells using the Wisdom and Intelligence stats. Below is a list of all Mage Traits in Portal Knights.

Level 2 Traits
Staff Specialization – Increases damage with Staff weapons by 25%
Wand Specialization – Increases damage with Wand weapons by 25%
Scythe Specialization – Increases damage with Scythe weapons by 25%

Level 5 Traits
Mana Shield – Adds 30% chance mana will take damage instead of health
Frost Armor – Slows nearby melee enemies by 50% for 3 seconds

Level 10 Traits
Master Of Elements – Attacking with elements enemy is weak to increases damage by 25%
Transcendence – Every 90 seconds, when you reach low mana, you will get 20% back immediately

Level 15 Traits
Spell Rush – All spell cooldowns reduced by 25%
Spell Crush – After casting a spell, next melee attack is a critical hit

Level 20 Traits
Meditation – Standing still for 5 seconds increases mana regen by 300%
Summoning Of The Orbs – After defeating an enemy there’s a 50% chance a mana orb will drop
Mana Thief – 10% chance to restore mana after an attack for 25% of the damage dealt

Level 25 Traits
Magic Armor – Increases defense against spells by 30%
Impact Armor – Increases armor by 30% for 5 seconds after killing an enemy
Refreshment – Increases mana received by 30%

Level 30 Traits
Arcane Concentration – Increases spell damage by 30% if no enemies are within 10 meters
Illusion – When at low health you create an illusion which attracts nearby enemies, once every 90 seconds
Blood Magic – Adds a 10% chance to heal yourself for 25% of damage done with an attack

That’s it for our Portal Knights Class & Traits Guide. Hopefully now you know what class to choose and all of the traits you can learn as you level up.

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