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Super Mario 3D Land Pirate Ship Boss Walkthrough

Super Mario 3D Land Pirate Ship Boss Walkthrough

Just like the old school Mario games this one has a Pirate ship boss. This guy is pretty basic and you get the suit at the start of the fight if you need it. This guide will help you bring him down without him hitting you! Let’s go!

First for the Super Mario 3D Land Pirate ship boss guide is his moves. Now since he is pretty basic he doesn’t have many but he can still finish you because he is pretty fast.

His first move is a basic punch. You really don’t even need to be near him so this likely won’t be an issue. If you see him swinging and you are to close back off and avoid the hit.

His next move is a spinning fist. He will basically do a tornado and try to hit you with his fist. This is easily dodged but more importantly when he doers this you can jump on his head and do some damage.

His last move is after you hit him. He will go in his shell and go out of control and try to hit you. You can either jump over this or just jump on the shell and you will be bounced off. Be careful of that though because it is hard to control where you land and you could be hit when you fall.

Next for the Super Mario 3D Land Pirate ship boss guide is the actual fight. Once you fall down grab the suit if you don’t already have it and wait for him to do the punch. Directly after the punch him will do the spin attack. While he is doing that jump on his head and he will go into his shell.

Now that he is in his shell keep moving and jump over him if you need to. Also with the suit on you can float for a few seconds if you need to so keep that in mind.

Once he recovers keep your distance until he punches again. He will then wind up and do a spin attack again. Hit him again and he will turn into a shell again.

At this point he does kind of speed up so you have to be a little more aware of what’s going on. Still dodging it isn’t to hard.

Once he finishes with the shell he will try and hit you again. Wait for the spin attack once more and finish him off with another jump! Good job! Collect your loot and go finish the level.

That will end the Super Mario 3D Land Pirate ship boss guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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