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Prey Safe Code Guide – List Of All Safe Codes

Prey Safe Code & Keypad Guide - List Of All Safe Codes
Prey’s world of Talos 1 is filled with secrets and hidden rewards. This Prey Safe Code Guide will help you find them all with a list of all the safe codes we’ve discovered so far. Whenever you reach a coded door or a locked safe it will usually display the name or location of the safe above the code entry point, as shown in the image above.

As Talos 1 is such a huge environment to explore, it’s impossible to predict which list of safe codes you’ll need first or what locked doors you’ll encounter. The list of safe codes below is organized in our Prey Safe Code & Keypad Guide in the order we discovered them but just check the name of the safe code you’re trying to find and you’ll be sure to find it on our list.

Note: Some codes are static, meaning they are the same for every play through. Others are dynamic, meaning they change each time. For the dynamic codes the location or puzzle relating to the code is always the same so be sure to check the locations given.

Prey Safe Code Guide – List Of All Safe Codes

Neuromod Division Safes
Talos 1 Lobby Safes
Hardware Labs Safes
Psychotronics Safes
Arboretum Safes
Deep Storage Safes
Talos 1 Exterior Safes
Crew Quarters Safes
Life Support Safes
Talos 1 Bridge Safes
Shuttle Bay Safes

That’s it for our Prey Safe Code Guide and list of all safe codes. We’re updating this as we progress through the game so be sure to check back soon for updates.

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