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Pride Of The Gerudo Guide For Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

For this quest you need to locate a Gerudo Scimitar and Gerudo Shield. In this Pride Of The Gerudo Guide For Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom we’ll tell you how you can track down both of these items so you can complete the quest and receive the Arms of the Seven, a powerful pair of Gerudo equipment pieces.

As well as the Gerudo Scimitar and Gerudo Shield, you’re going to need Diamond and Flint. Flint is very common and often found when destroyed boulders and rocks. You can buy Diamond in the Goron City but it’s quite expensive. Unfortunately, outside of the Goron City, it’s very rare. We’ve had maybe 2 our entire game and both of those came from just mining rocks. If we find a more reliable and cheaper method, we’ll update the guide.

Pride Of The Gerudo Guide For Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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For the Gerudo Scimitar and the Gerudo Shield, you’re going to need to defeat two enemies in the desert, one of which is the Mulduga, a huge tremors-like worm that lives under the sand. It’s quite rare and only one appears to pop up at a time. However, if you head to the further reaches of the desert, past the temple, it appears to spawn more frequently there. The Gerudo Scimitar isn’t a guaranteed drop but so far, it’s the only one we’ve found.

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