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Prototype 2 Fairview Field Ops Locations

Prototype 2 Fairview Field Ops Locations

I’m not sure how an Op team is classified a collectible but it is in Prototype 2. These are basically a few scientist and soldiers working on some infected. This location guide will get you there quickly and easily. So let’s get started!

Because pictures are way easier then me explaining each little building on the map I will be using photos. They are not the best quality but they certainly get the job done. Also expect a strike team to come at you once you start fighting the OP teams. The coordinates are top first bottom second if you want to use that.

Prototype 2 Fairview Field Ops location guide 1 – Location is 289 – 1086. They are behind a apartment complex testing on some infected. Look for them behind a metal gate.


Prototype 2 Fairview Field Ops location guide 2 – Location is 266 – 926. They are pretty far north and right next to a large base. Expect some fighting after you kill the Ops. Unless of course you can switch your disguise quickly.


Prototype 2 Fairview Field Ops location guide 3 – Location is 399 – 982.This one is near the water so feel free to throw a guy out to sea if you want. You can also release the infected and cause them to panic. Either way they still would rather kill you then the infected.


Prototype 2 Fairview Field Ops location guide 4 – Location is 124 – 1052. The last one is also right outside a large base. This base tends to have an upgrade guy near the heli pad as well so check it out before or after. It is normally a weapon or vehicle upgrade. Still worth it in my opinion. Clear them out and get your last Op team mark for an upgrade.


That will end the Prototype 2 Fairview Field Ops location guide. Check back soon for more guides in different areas of Prototype 2!

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