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Prototype 2 Linden Park Black Box Locations

Prototype 2 Linden Park Black Box Locations

Collectibles return in Prototype 2 and come in various forms. This time we will be going after the Black boxes. There are four in Linden Park which is basically the south side of the Yellow zone. This location guide will help you find them while you play! Let’s go.

I will give the coordinates and a description to each of the boxes. Remember this is for Linden Park so if you are not in the park you will not find them.

Prototype 2 Black box Linden park location guide 1 – The first box is at 420 – 1293. If you look at your map go to the Blast Radius event. From there go north and a bit west and you will see a large building with tons of windows. On the front of the building is a red Rad. Once you get close the the building a meter should pop up and on the top of that building is the box.

Prototype 2 Black box location Linden Park guide 2 – Second box is at 469 – 1408. It is on the same building as the City Salvage event just on a lower level. The building has News on the front of it and if you climb it you will get the meter for the black box.

Prototype 2 Black box Linden Park location guide 3 – Third box is at 74 – 1460. This one is on the opposite side of town near the water. If you look at your map and zoom in on the west side you can see the cranes going off the map into the water. On a north crane over there is the box. Once you get to the right on it will give you the meter.

Prototype 2 Black box Linden Park location guide 4 – The fourth and last box is at 157 – 1464. From the crane look on your map and head to the stadium. You should see Gate 1(north west side of the stadium) if you come from the crane. If you climb all the way up you will find some soldiers if you climb to right before the top you get the last box and a buff.

That will end the Prototype 2 Black box Linden Park location guide. Check back soon for the other areas to be done!

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