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Prototype 2 Radnet Aerial Assualt Event Walkthrough

Prototype 2 Radnet Aerial Assualt Event Walkthrough

For those of you who played Prototype you likely remember the massive amount of extra challenges to do. They return in Prototype 2 and are now known as Radnet Events. This guide is for the first Event called Aerial Assault. Let’s get started.

One thing you should of noticed is that they will give you more and more challenges as the days go on. At the moment you only have access to 3(April 24th). Beating all of them will get you the Alex Mercer outfit but you will also need to play until June.

These reward you EXP and various other rewards as you beat the sets.

Prototype 2 Radnet Aerial Assault Event guide 1 – Blast Radius – This one is very easy. In order to get gold you need to kill 110 people I think it was. I cleared with with 113. You have two option to attack. Triangle(Y) is a longer straight line attack and square(X) is a ground pound. I use the ground pound because it can wipe out groups easily.

For the first round jump off the building and do an air dash into a glide. It doesn’t matter how far you drop the damage will be the same. That said you can do it so you are right above the middle of a group and do the slam killing one whole group. Do the same to the other group and you will have an extra dive. This nets you 10 extra kills.

Repeat for the second round except this time you can’t count on the barrels to help you out if you get sloppy. Like I said the distance you fall doesn’t make a difference so make sure you can hit everyone in each group in one drop. You will need the extra dive kills in order to get gold.

The last round has them way more spread out. Hitting in the middle will not kill them all this time but it will allow you to get the gold. If you want to kill all of them start at the front and work your way to the back. You will likely use all your dives but you may get a bonus because you killed everyone(Not sure if someone finds out let me know please).

Prototype 2 Radnet Aerial Assault Event guide 2 – City Salvage – Honestly I could of done without these being put back in the game. Its the grab all the boxes you can and don’t mess up once or you need to restart challenge. I could not even get a bronze on this one so I think you need to get a few levels and get some speed before you want to tackle it. Once I get a few more levels I will come back and write how I did this one.

You can find them by playing through the missions or in crates that need you to either open them with a military guy or break them with power attacks. Either way once they are out kill them to upgrade your claws.

Prototype 2 Radnet Aerial Assault Event guide 3 – Untouchable killer – This must be done versus a brawler. You need to land 6 hits without being hit. Pretty simple just use the dodge to avoid all his attacks. Trick is finding one so be sure once you do that you are ready to land the hits. Once I find out where they hang out I will update the guide.

That will end the Prototype 2 Radnet Aerial Assault Event guide for now. Check back when the new challenges unlock for updates!


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