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Quick Cash In Drag Racing Bike Edition

Quick Cash In Drag Racing Bike Edition

A fun little game that just came out for phones has you drag racing other players on bikes. It is very fun and very addicting. In order to upgrade the bikes you have and get newer bikes you need cash. This easy cash guide will help you get cash quick!

If you know a quick way that I didn’t mention let me know in the comments and I will give you credit.

Drag Racing Bike edition easy cash guide 1 – Career mode – Career mode will offer the easiest opponents and the easiest way to make cash. Problem is after a few levels you have to unlock the others. Still the ones you start with will net you enough cash to buy a new bike once you sold your old one.

Drag Racing Bike edition easy cash guide 2 – Quick Race – When you do this it will typically put you in a head to head with another player. The game is pretty good about balance as far as rating goes so you can win some without many problems. Of course you may be the unlucky person who faces off with the guy who bought himself half a million in game cash then you are going to lose. Pick a shorter race if you have a quick 0-60 bike or a longer one if you need the distance to reach full speed. Winning is your priority so play to your strengths. Losing doesn’t get you much money at all.

Drag Racing Bike edition easy cash guide 3 – The Tournament – This is actually pretty difficult. You will always know how much you are going to win but the trick is winning. Sometime I face really slow people other times I face people way faster then me. You can lose and retry until you will the set amount of money but I always seemed to lose more often then win. I felt that head to head was faster because I could win more often.

Drag Racing Bike edition easy cash guide 4 – Pay for it – If you want to pay for it go ahead. I don’t recommend it because you can grind out any bike in a few hours.

That will end the Drag Racing Bike edition easy cash guide. Know something I don’t? Leave a comment and I’ll add it.

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